Our lives are taking place at over 100mph. Is there ever any more time to get it all done?  As I prepare for my departure, I am reflecting on my first trip to Haiti. Insecurity seemed to be the only buzz word linked with Haiti. This trip is not one linked with insecurity, but with disaster. How does one prepare to go back to a nation, where the capital smells like death? How exactly, do you prepare for a trip that only allows you 15 kilos? My to do list is getting crossing off slowly but surely and I just found out people are asking me for sandals. So, another thing to add on the to do list. Yet, all simple things to bring for people. People that I know and love and of course, the complete strangers.   My list to bring to Haiti looks something like this:

1. Tent for friend and his family

2. Sandals

3. Chocolate (a request)

4. Diapers

5. Baby Wipes

6. Mosquito Repellent

You almost think I was going hiking for the weekend. I have a feeling that I still will not have enough and something will be left at home. (We all know I can not leave my repellent..since I have the mosquito issue –dengue and malaria!).

I realize that not everyone can leave or wants to leave their lives to go and rebuild Haiti. I realize that many people do not care about Haiti. I realize that certain people think that this “voodoo nation”  has received a large amount money, and have disconnected themselves with this tragedy. I do not have that luxury, I am forever connected to Haiti. I  can not stay here and watch Haiti being rebuilt.  So, I am going to Haiti. I am going to do what I do best. While my technical skills are important I think my loving heart, the smile on my face and my love of Haiti are going to help me survive this departure.


~ by travelling womanists on January 27, 2010.

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