Meditations for the Ignite & ToleRANT

It is utterly apparent to me that two activities have become entirely too prevalent in my life: sitting & thinking.  Now initially this shouldnt be a problem because these are both important activities, especially for someone who works collaboratively on identifying solutions to address social injustice.  I find these two activities detrimental to myself because they are actually impeding me in some ways from accomplishing my goals.  These two activities are also impeding me from interacting with some of the people who I LOVE.  Now one may ask: what does this have to do with being a travelling womanists?  I say: EVERYTHING!!

This piece of self observation has also lead me to a frustrating crux in my life.  Given my current place in the world my travels have been limited and will continue to be limited by resources.  In this I realized that many of my posts in the not so distant future will really reflect my travels for work and play (limited) within the US.  I say this, because our hope in creating this blog was to ensure a space for BLACK women to POSTS their travel stories.

This little rant should stop and have some focus and unfortunately it doesnt….hopefully this post will serve as a brief glimpse into my thought process.  More importantly, I hope that this will serve as a piece in a broader group of postings that will end up manifesting in piece that is complete and on track….


~ by travelling womanists on March 27, 2010.

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