Zambizzle For Shizzle

So, I was looking through a journal from THE TRIP THAT CHANGED MI VIDA….anywho, I thought I might share a little poem that I wrote.  I should give a bit of a disclaimer but I will present it as it is….

tell us what is the real afrika

it is now that i ask
what is the real afrika?
who is the real afrika?
or who cares?
all of this time i dreamed of returning
to the motherland
so here i am LOST
without my mother
i am not understanding
where or who is what
how do things fit
should i really understand
i am beginning to wonder
what all these emotions mean
am i an african born in america
or just another misplaced soul
connected to a constructed identity
am i lost
everything has changed
flipped upside down
so can someone tell me
what is the real afrika?
who should i ask to find it?


~ by travelling womanists on March 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Zambizzle For Shizzle”

  1. Oh your line “connected to a constructed identity” is soemthing that rings true to me…how so many people of what every national heritage believe the constructed ‘press’ of their past rather than evaluating it for themselves…very thought provoking poem.

    • thanks so much for the comment. its amazing how travelling can allow for someone to step outside of themselves and learn about the world while being vulnerable enough to grow exponentially.

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