Love in all its manifestations

It happened all so quickly. So much time had passed since I had seen my friends that were part of my everyday life. Now, major life milestones were able to bring us together to reconnect and partake in their journey of life.

Friends and Running in Beantown!
I did not know how much time we had spent apart and that a weekend could bring us together. I guess that I am fortunate that I have friends that can take off where we left off, as if no time has passed.

I think the one thing I did learn about Boston, was that Red Sox fans are rude. Yes, PP, you were right all along.  Yes, they are! Now, I lose the chance of meeting some “big time” publisher because now I have taken a side, on the Yankee  versus Red Sox controversy. But, I digress.

A simple weekend that proved to be just what I needed. I realized how much I had missed my friend, how exciting our lives are, and again we are at a carrefour (intersection) about the places that we will go in the future. Our lives are on this exciting journey and to be part of this journey at each leg, is very exciting. I guess now I understand why people stop making new friends after a certain point. Keeping up with everyone’s journey does take an enormous amount of energy.

Keep Going…
After making my way from Boston, I decided to go to Maryland. A dear friend is getting married. I sincerely could not be more happy for this person and this occasion. I have never been more excited to attend a wedding. I think in hindsight, I will be able to joke with her about all her quirks and how zanny she was as the big date was approaching.

I went to get my dress fitted. As I sat in her living room, among the bridal magazines, I realized that she put this out into a universe and received its blessing.  She is preparing for a life of partnership with her future husband. She is on her path to happiness and I am so happy that I could be present along the way.

I think that at this point I did not realize the effect that love could have on someone…no, really…it is possible that someone views the world in black and white in 2010, until love comes into the equation.  Love turns on the color or lets someone start to live their life. You almost wonder what the person was like before love. I started to think about what life was like without a partner and sometimes people draw a blank…you can’t remember life without the person… you don’t want to remember breakfast, spooning, or the way that they look at you doing the crossword puzzle with out them. You can’t remember that once upon a time not too long ago the person was not part of your life. You want to remember life with them because life without them to you at the time was bland and meaningless.

I came back home. I came back to my space. Both my friends, on opposite sides of the spectrum… one waiting for that life of love and partnership to “begin” and the other one choosing the route that they want to take. In a matter of a week, I came to see that no matter how much I travel, I always see love. I see it in my friends, family, I see it all around. I guess I am finally able to see the details of love in all of its manifestations. I love my friends. I love my family. I think I finally admitted that I love the Yankees, yes PP, you were right.

Tulips are in bloom....


~ by travelling womanists on May 4, 2010.

One Response to “Love in all its manifestations”

  1. I don’t know if my response is what you all had in mind but i figured hat i would just say something to intreact with the blogers. I read this blog Ofeeling that there were or are more thoughts to what is being said. My favorite sentence in this blog is “Love turn on the colors or let someone
    start to live their life.” someone to share life with makes a huge difference on your well being. I wish that for all. It does not seem likely to happen

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