Reconnections gone wrong and right….

What should I blame it on? Social networking.  The ability to keep in touch and find out whatever we want to on the web. Ahh, the benefits and glory of the world wide web. I do not want to take my anger out on the web, because the web is not to blame. I want to blame people that feel the need to “keep in touch” despite the efforts to remove them from your life.

Reconnecting, is an essential part of why I travel. Or, at least I try to make it a point. I long for new passport stamps and new places to scuba dive, but I also appreciate visiting friends, family, and travelers that I have met along the way.  I love to reconnect and catch up on all that I have missed in my friends lives. Well, that is people that I choose to stay connected with over long periods of time. Yet, there are the people that you do not want to be connected with.

Yes, those people!  The ones that you block, “defriend”, erase their numbers and emails, and somehow these people always keep on updating you…I realized that through travel sometimes you actually choose to break those connections. You want to leave the life you had. You want to start over or get away from all the drama. So, you travel to your new home. Severing ties, ties that for a period of time were meant to be important. Ties, that were for a bit of time meant to turn into roots. Then, life happens and these ties begin to unravel. Over time, you realize there is nothing left and for your sanity and self love you decide to move on. To leave it “all” behind and let it go, you decide to be the bigger person. Then, somehow, it begins to start…the attempts to reconnect that go to far.  The invasion into your email account, the private calls from the unknown numbers, the messages from your email account to yourself and your friends…So you decide you need a vacation, you travel. You decide to leave the drama to the side.

All the drama, is thrown away, like the trash. After you throw trash away it sits in the landfill…it is out of sight and out of mind. A stalker is out of sight, but clearly wants to be in your mind no matter how many times you push them out. No matter how much you move forward you realize that they have not. They will not accept the fact that you have severed the connection. You want nothing to do with them. You have traveled away from them, in order to see what the world has to offer without the drama.

I guess I continue to travel to see what connections are important to me. More importantly , traveling allows me to  choose, who I want to hold on to and to nurture those relationships. The ones that I have let go of, should understand. And sometimes, just because we travel does not mean that we take time to think about our purpose and the impact of our actions. Life has a way of being the travel master no matter how much we we plan and think we are in control. I realized that removing people out of my life was not a bad thing.  Traveling and being part of a supportive communities, was and is paramount in my life. Reconnections are supposed to be a joy and bring a smile to your face. Reconnections should go right.


~ by travelling womanists on May 7, 2010.

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