A Way to Support the Gulf Coast and Eat!

Dear Adam Richman AKA the Man (in Man vs Food),

I am currently in food overload. I love to cook, read about cooking, and my obsession with perfecting certain recipes is currently manifesting itself in the form of scones, quiche and steak. Though, I have been craving soup in 90 degree weather, I do not know how to explain that one.

I am currently in food overload, honestly, this has been a problem for sometime. Food overload is no longer a problem thanks to Man vs Food.  Adam, I would like to know if I can lend my eating services to Man vs Food.  Yes, I think I can do it…NO, I can hang…expect, expect, I do not eat the swine.  But, then again, you are Jewish, and you dabble in the swine.  So, please consider me. Okay, for you,  Adam I would dabble in the swine! Well, we have to see about that one.

Here is an idea of what I propose. I think there is once place where we need to go for the food challenges for the next two months. The Gulf Coast! I am not recommending any “seafood of the day”, but people are still cooking and what better way to support the local economy.  Adam, I simply want to partake in the passion of food with you, the rest of the United States, and help the Gulf Coast the best way I can.

Maybe, this time, we both can have a rematch with this burger!

Look at that burger! Now that is A LOT of meat.

Now, that looks fresh!

I volunteer to eat that

Can I have just a bit, please?

If it is in a pot that large, you have to taste it.


~ by travelling womanists on June 23, 2010.

One Response to “A Way to Support the Gulf Coast and Eat!”

  1. Hi! That’s a very good idea and I hope Adam and New Orleans use it to raise money and awareness. Even if the well is closed now, the people still need help. I read where in Plaquemines Parish where Billy Nungesser is prez, he has been throwing concerts and celebrations to help people feel better and to raise money to help people affected by the disaster. He even had an open house at the new animal shelter that raised funds to help people with vet visits and pet care. He had Louisiana food featured at events. People love to eat and yes, Adam is no exception! Man vs. Food is a joy to watch because he is a comical and all-around nice guy!

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