On Fire…New York to Ayiti.

I thought I could handle the heat. I thought, I guess, somewhere in my mind that I  do heat. Ahhh, of course,  I can deal with the heat; humidity, that is another thing. As many of you in the United States know, it has been HOT! Yep, the kinda weather that elderly people need to be watched and little babies can suck on ice cubes. Actually, anyone can just eat popsicles all day and wear whatever they want outside, and it all makes sense because of the heat and humidity.

I guess, it made sense to leave the molasses soaked Big apple, New York, and make my way to the hot mango country, Haiti. Of course, Haiti is cooler, but in the car that I just rented the air conditioner went out, and it is not that cool outside.  Haiti, despite having so much rubble lingering throughout the city, there is a cool air in the city. The hustle and bustle of New York, is similar to that in Haiti. Just like in New York, I wonder where people are going, and in Haiti, I wonder where everyone is off to.

The heat and humidity makes it such that touching other people becomes a bit unnecessary. Despite, the heat , humidity and sweat that was soaked on my dress, I bumped into an old friend and  touch was what we could share easily, because he is deaf and I  barely sign in Kreyol.   We held each other for so long and hard.  I could have cared less about my sweaty body and I don’t think he minded it too much.  It was just nice to know that he was alive.  Our ebony faces were on fire, the sun was getting warmed up and  I realized that this trip, though really short is going to be great.


~ by travelling womanists on July 8, 2010.

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