Rap = Sex, Status & Class

Sitting down…sitting down…sitting down…standing up…falling asleep….shoes off…liquids in a small plastic bag…shoes on…standing up….walking….running…waiting….wondering….shoes off…closed eyes…flight….sitting down…standing up….waiting…chatting…arrival!!

watching, procrastinating and then she says it. “This doesn’t represent anything that rap represents.  It doesn’t represent sex, status or class and isn’t that what rap represents?”

Travelling through the wonderful world of NYC and beyond, I realize the impact that music has on the way in which I view the world.  I remember a long long time ago when I was training for a marathon with two good friends of mine, I found it difficult to understand how my training mates used mp3 players to “block out” the wonderful sounds of the world.  When running the sounds of the freeway, birds chirping, cars honking, my feet hitting the pavement and all of the other sounds that you hear while running on the road made my experience whole and added to the joy (and yes I said JOY) in my running experience.

I juxtapose this with my entrance into the world of travelling while connected to the MP3 player.  This has impacted me more and more as I embark on my morning commute from the Heart of Bedford-Stuyvesant to the Soul of Harlem.   Travelling on the train listening to an MP3 creating my own personal soundtrack for the characters that present themselves in the city.

With this in mind, I think about my personal soundtrack which often consists of hip hop, r & b, soul, world music & any other music genre that I am really into at the time.  It was only until I was watching a wonderful reality show that I realized the messages I receive from rap music may be different from those picked up by the masses.  Well let’s be honest!!  The soundtrack the guides my life and my trips do provide different messages than received by the masses.  On the other hand I also receive some of the same messages.  Unfortunately, what I want is just the opposite of the overall message that the soundtrack to many of our lives hold and that is that Rap = Sex, Status & Class…..



~ by travelling womanists on July 8, 2010.

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