My Baptism in Haiti

There is the new and old Haiti. “Post and Pre Earthquake” Haiti that seems to bring smiles, tears, and long warm laughs on the people that knew them both. I am in Haiti, six months post earthquake and am perplexed. I was here for about the first three months and I left Haiti. Almost, like a lover that asks for separation prematurely, only to return to their lover and realize they were wrong for leaving. I left too early and I did not give Haiti what she needed when she needed. I was tired and needed a moment, but Haiti has not received her moment to move forward.

I spent the day making my way to the water, the beach. The role that water plays in Haiti is quite complex, whether you consider the practical act of accessing water or the role that water plays in spirituality. I was on the beach, making my way to the shore and life was happening on the beach, a small congregation was holding baptisms. I was captivated by the peoples emotion, their new commitment to the Lord and their faith.

I could not separate their individual baptisms and the way that I felt about Haiti. I realized that Haiti has had a baptism; their is a new life that exists, the country feels a bit different, but the country that I feel in love with is still here.  I just have to be patient and when I least expect it, the reasons why I feel in love with Haiti, present themselves. There is a new life in Haiti, I can not change this, but I do not have to let go of the old Haiti, life provides a path where roads can merge. I think I just started my journey on this road.

I promise to post pictures, the connection is really slow here…I have been trying to post pictures for the last hour…So, I have to leave now. Again, I have better connection, I promise to post.


~ by travelling womanists on July 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “My Baptism in Haiti”

  1. I love your posts about Haiti. What amazing experiences you must have. I was only in Haiti as a child so I don’t remember it. It’s nice to read about it through your eyes. Looking forward to pix.

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