I am a Hair Hypocrite…

I am a hypocrite.

I did not realize that I was a hypocrite or so self righteous, on the natural hair subject.  But, I am and now I must try to make up for  ignorant ways. It all happened on my way to the beauty supply store. I was trying to get gel. Yes, I know I have locs and I was looking for gel, so that I could put everything up and call it a day. Honestly, my hair has never been this dry and in this weather, which I do not think my hair is a fan of it was having issues. So, I thought let me walk my way to the beauty supply store.

Now, it is interesting that I never been to a beauty supply store in my neighborhood. It took a good 40 minutes to find one to be quite honest. Then, when I got into the store, that was actually a beauty supply and not just a store that said beauty supply but sold DVD and jeans, I decided to give myself this challenge: try to buy a product without parbens*…easier said then done. At one point I said “just give in, just buy the product, just this last time,” but good for me I walked out of the store; kinda like that addict walking out of the crack house; okay, kinda.

As I made my home, I remembered the conversation that I had with my 15 year old cousin from Canada. We were talking about hair and she asked me if I was going to stay natural. My answer was of course.  I asked her are you going to keep the relaxer in your hair she said “ummm, yeah. I want, you know, my hair to be straight and do different styles.” I told her I had no problem with that but why did she think it was okay to put chemicals that were also found in rat poison in her hair?”  She shrugged.

Well, now, about a month after her shrug, here I am shrugging. Of course, I put chemicals in my hair and all I want is to do a different hair style (especially now, in this weather, where my hair has no possibility of touching my skin). As I walked around the beauty supply store all I could think was this is what is being sold to me as good, great, and what I should want. We will not even talk about all the skin bleaching creams that were in the other aisles.

I guess I realized that I wanted the same thing my little cousin wanted: to be able to do a different hairstyle, and at the end of the day just to feel good about myself.  I figured i could feel better about myself by just wetting my  hair with COLD water and letting it be which is exactly what I ended up doing. I am making a promise.  I really want to commit to keeping my hair as natural as possible…dang, that means no color, too. Well, step one acknowledge the problem, right?

*My good friend and blog coauthor, was having a time when that was all she talked about were parabens and I think it rubbed off on me, good job!

Long Straight Hair

Short Straight Hair

Mid Length, not straight hair--My Hair!


~ by travelling womanists on July 22, 2010.

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