Oaktown, By Way of the San Francisco Half Marathon.

Oakland, used to be considered the armpit of the Bay area, is now viewed as an essential stop for any foodie or Alice Waters lover. Oakland, has new apartments, restaurants, and even new churches!   I hate to be so cliche, but there is something slightly Brooklyn about Oakland. It could be the same process of gentrification that occurred in Brooklyn. It could be the cult following of certain restaurants, that are actually well deserved: Bakesale Betty  (I love you, well the chicken sandwich and ginger molasses cookie that is). Or, it could just be that all the tourists are not as interested and walking down the streets in Oakland seemed a bit more manageable (since everyone is biking or driving) than San Francisco.

I was able to spend about half my time in both cities. I was able to appreciate the weather difference, being that Oakland was about five to ten degrees warmer then San Francisco.  On the other hand, the views, the foggy and imperfect views of San Francisco made me fall in love with the area all over again. I do not know when it happened, but my shoulders and all the tension fell in the Bay Area. All my stress was gone. I could enjoy time with friends and enjoy the cuisine that the area had to offer. One might think that I came to the Bay area, just to eat, but there was actually a half marathon that I went to run. I know, even when I look back on my photos, I wonder if I went to taste test or run.

One important lesson that I did learn in the Bay Area is that it is never bad to revisit where you once used to live. I used to think that somehow that was a step backwards, I have come to realize that I was wrong. How could I not want to see progress, growth, and change?  I can not wait to revisit the Bay Area.

This was good coleslaw......

Wow, the best chicken sandwich in the BAY is...BAKESALE BETTY

The Controversial Catholic Church in Oakland

A new attitude

The foggy view of San Fran from Pikes Peak

~ by travelling womanists on July 31, 2010.

3 Responses to “Oaktown, By Way of the San Francisco Half Marathon.”

  1. “I do not know when it happened, but my shoulders and all the tension fell in the Bay Area. All my stress was gone.”

    I feel the same way every time I go back and visit my family – I HELLA love Oakland

  2. In spite of all the negativity focused on my town of Oak, I have to agree with Danielle and say I hella luv Oakland too!

    I was born in SF, but have lived in Oakland for 28 years!! Totally love this city!!!

    • Anna,
      I agree with you. I may not be from the Bay, but I did live there, before Oakland was “really trendy”. I think that Oakland has a soul and rhythm that is undeniable. San Fran, has its good sides, but if I had to just stay in Oakland, I would survive!

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