In New York… Coney Island!

Sometimes, I forgot that I am not the “queen”of the outer boroughs. Sometimes, I actually think that I “know” New York and then I remember no, I still have so much more to do in this place.  Thanks to family and a load of teenagers, I was able to rediscover what fun actually is for your average teenager. Come on, remember how simple summer was when you were 13 or maybe 16. So much was happening in New York, but maybe your parents (or my STRICT immigrant parents) did not let you wonder off too far by yourself. All you wanted to do was go to Coney Island with your friends or family. I found out that I am the “cool” older cousin and that amusement parks, laughs, and junk food are just one way to have fun in New York City. Come and rediscover Coney Island! For the brave, bring the teenagers and kids or just have fun being a kid!

A must in Coney Island!

And the magic starts!

Luna Island is open for business!


~ by travelling womanists on August 2, 2010.

One Response to “In New York… Coney Island!”

  1. You take really good pictures! The way they come out look very creative. It’s like you see the image in a way that ohter people dont.

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