The Travelling Womanist commutes

So Im finally getting myself together enough to post something.  My blogmate has been holding it down and is probably readying to give me the boot.  Anywho, sitting here on a Sunday afternoon in relaxing and provides the silent relief I need to get myself ready for the new week.  The irony of this post is that the travel that I want to focus on is the train ride that I make every morning from Do or Die to Harlem.  Here are the stats!

one way time: 45 – 90 minutes

round trip time: 90 – 180 minutes

the people: new yorkers embarking on their daily grind

reading: random magazines, reading for class, the book of the moment….

favorite activity: sleeping, listening to random train stop preachers, reading over the next persons shoulder

soundtrack: train announcements (often impossible to understand), random music playing out loud on a cell phone, random conversations of your travelmates….

travelling womanists  commutes

do or die to harlem

Given the aforementioned stats, I thought it might be good for me to begin blogging about my wonderful commute.  Im not sure if this is just another sign that I really need a vacation or a testament of how I am thinking out of the box given my commitment to getting my life right while quenching my thirst for travelling to different places around the world.  For now “my world” is represented by….Chronicles of the Travelling Womanist: The Commute Edition.



~ by travelling womanists on August 8, 2010.

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