Haiti, you are Still on My Mind.

I wake up in the morning and I no longer smell the salt in the air.  I do not hear the rooster to remind me that it is time for my run and do not have the warm Haitian sky to invite me to another day on this planet.  WhenI go on my runs there is no donkey, mule, or people on their way to their gardens. It is just me.

I sometimes wake up and think if I go back to sleep and roll over in my big bed I will wake up  the smaller bed I had in Haiti.

But, I am not in a dream world and my current reality is that of city life in the States.

Some days I long to hear  just Kreyol, kompa, people bartering for fruit, and the morning greetings. In essence, I long for Ayiti. I long to smell, see, and hear Ayiti.  I thought it was supposed to be easy…return to family and friends and all is well.

Somehow they never tell you that your heart maybe in two places at once and navigating that relationship becomes diffucult over time.  I was looking thourgh a few photos and did this. Please enjoy.

Haiti On My Mind.

Ayiti, I love you. No matter how many people run to be president, no matter how many tent cities there are, I love you and of course, as always I want to come back to you.

No one ever told me that it was possible to no longer crave the acquisition of new passport stamps.  Sometimes, one only stamp can make you happy. I never knew that stamp would simply mean home to me. I thought I was a fearless travelling womanist but I wonder what is stopping me from packing up and leaving here and going home, at least the place that I want to be for now. That place is Haiti. Haiti, I think about you all the time, at times I feel obsessed with you. I may have physically left, but you never left me.


~ by travelling womanists on August 9, 2010.

3 Responses to “Haiti, you are Still on My Mind.”

  1. If you can give me a little introspection on the importance to keep this small island nation down. I see outsied forces spending way too much time and effort on keeping the poorist country in the Western Hemisphere poor. What’s up with that? I’d appreciate your incite.

  2. I am so envious. I have only been to Ayti once in my life. I was two and don’t remember any of it. I’m dying to go back and reconnect with my people on their own turf. I love reading your posts about the country. They’re evocative and bring right there with you. Maybe someday I can do the same. Thank you! OWM

  3. […] Haiti, you are still on my Mind, 2010 […]

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