The Deconstructed Cannoli Weekend

I should have known, once I saw the cannoli that I was in for a treat. (Del Posto, pastry chef Brooks Hedley) Actually, I should have known that my weekend, like my Friday night dessert would begin my weekend of fun. I am supposed to be making an effort to tone, tighten, and lose those “last 10lbs”.  But, as many of you know the chefs and food get in the way of me achieving that dream.

It all started on Friday.  I made my way from BK to the city to meet up with a friend. It was one of the cliches night. We thought we were ending our night early and one thing lead to another important discussion. Hence, our not supposed to happen dessert moment.

The Cannoli at Del Posto, thanks to Brooks Headley

Ahh, so I went to my boot camp class to try and make up for the cannoli. Well, Saturday proved to be even more exciting. Really GOOD MUSIC (thanks to QuestLove) +Friends+Perfect NYC weather=A day to remember.

?uestlove at P.S.1

?uestlove and the magic hands....

Well, all those subway miles. I wish there was some sort of frequent rider program, other than the coveted unlimited Metro Card.  A day of steam rooms, family, and discovering another reason why I love and miss Haiti-PRESTIGE-the beer of champions!

The Beer of Champions


~ by travelling womanists on August 16, 2010.

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