A Travelling Womanists Commutes – Pt 2


Commute time: 1 hour 5 minutes (one way)

Soundtrack: random songs from lil spootie (my mp3 player), not so loud announcements from the conductor, cell phone music from the guy siting everyone on the train but next to me and my thoughts!

Sleep time (I’ve decided to add this category because many of my long train trips consist of sleep time either for the entire trip or a portion thereof): 20 minutes

Reading material: The New York Times Magazine…

My commute this morning was quite uneventful, however an amazing thing happened that differed from the past week or so, I DIDNT SLEEP THE ENTIRE TRIP!  Now this may not be news to anyone but me, however considering my “change of lifestyle aka diet and new workout schedule” I have been extremely tired.  This is neither here nor there but has everything to do with the observations that do or don’t occur on my lengthy trip.  More importantly I didn’t have to worry about my head bobbing back and forth as my mouth gapes open for this trip.  I wouldn’t have to worry about embarrassing myself in front of the beautiful matrix of people who make for amazing people watching in the special land of the A train subway line.

As I approached my destination a small child that looked like the real life child version of strawberry shortcake got into the train with what I am assuming is her child care provider.  See a few things fascinate me when I am on the train at a certain stop: 1) The types of people who get on the train at specific stops (dress, perceived ethnicity and other things that may indicate who they are in the world) & 2) who they enter the train with.  I find this amazing because I can only begin to imagine the true nature of the relationship between the people who enter together or what the person may be in real life.  I also imagine where they are going and for what purpose.

I usually wonder where the preacher man/woman is going as they yell out their warnings that I am “going to hell if i don’t accept jesus christ into my life” or the man who sings a song just off-key enough for you to know that you kinda know why they never made it.  I am easily digressing and will wrap this up.

strawberry shorcake gets lose on the A Train

strawberry shortcake in harlem

So the small child was on the train with her child care provider and proceeded to get up and swing around the pool right in front of where my feet were stretched out.  Now there is an entire train car, full of nothingness and empty seats. Why is this child swinging near me? And why does she keep daring me to say something to her?  I often find that children make me feel a number of different ways.  On this commute all I wondered was: why is this child on the train with her childcare provider in Harlem and what does this mean as a representation for a dramatically changing community?  I guess I realized that I am not used to seeing strawberry shortcake on some parts of my train route and what does it mean in regard to life outside of a small encounter between a semi grouchy train rider and a curios little girl….



~ by travelling womanists on August 20, 2010.

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