The Geography of Bliss

I had the opportunity to attend a reading where the author of “The Geography of Bliss” discussed his book and answered a few questions to provide insight on his experiences. As the night went on, someone asked a particularly interesting question. “Are there any countries that you would have liked to visit or thought should have went into the book after it was published?” He thought for a minute and finally “Columbia, Costa Rica, but definitely somewhere in Latin America. For some reason, they have unexpected happiness.”

Unexpected happiness. Maybe, it was the comments that were made after about Latin America and drugs that left a bitter taste in my mouth. So, naturally, it made sense that the next question should be where was the least happiest place that he visited. Well, that was Moldova. But, the comment that seemed to make my skin crawl was: “well, of course, Africa is the least happiest place on earth, because they are poorer than Moldova.” Oh, really!

I guess the rest of a night, lead me to think about the “geography of bliss” and how we define or construct happiness. The larger lesson for me, was that I realized (again), how important this blog and outlet is to so many people that look like me. I just found it so interesting that someone would conduct “research” on the happiest (or not so happiest) places in the world and did not think about Latin America or Africa. So, I realize that I have to continue sharing, our stories, because I should not leave it up to a middle aged white man, to write my story.

Let me be very clear, I have not read the book. This morning, I kinda binged on book reviews of this book. I will put it on my list of audiobooks and listen to it, as I bake my quiche (French inspired) and pizza (Italian inspired) , and think of the world this time through my eyes (Haitian inspired).

– Lodz, yep that is my real name.


~ by travelling womanists on September 2, 2010.

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