The places you will go and the people that get you there

Sometimes it happens. Sometimes, people from the past cross my mind. I may look at a picture from Rwanda,, Kentucky, come across a number or be reminded of “that person”  who recommended that I stay at that great hostel/hotel or to eat at the little shack in the corner. It happens every now and again.

At that exact moment, I want to get back in touch with them.  I send them an email or even try the number just to get the mail delivery failure or even worst this number is not in service prompt. All I can think is how do you go about reconnecting if facebook, myspace, twitter and email were not viable options (And, of course, without stalking the person 🙂 Sometimes, all we have are the memories. The sole printed email, the dusty photo or the memory that makes you smile as you have your morming coffee.

All you want to do is say thank you to that person. Thank you for making my trip so much more enjoyable. Thank you for making my year so great! Thank you for being you. I guess I should have planned for number changes, cell phone boom, and the use of social media. I didn’t and know I use these “great” tools and can not find you all to say thank you. Even, if I can not thank you for that great lady that makes the best rice and beans, ceviche or where to get to the best drink, just know that I have not forgotten you, your story and the kindness that you shared with me as I was making my way around your country or city.

Lodz (yep, it is my real name)


~ by travelling womanists on September 12, 2010.

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