Block Island, is My “New” Little Piece of Heaven

I wanted to go for so long. So many people flaked and bailed out last minute, too many times.  I wanted to go to Block Island and I finally made the trip. Wanderings. Getaways. Rhode Island.  My small, quaint, uber new England, non pretenious, Block Island.  Where lobster and clams rolls off everyones tongue and bike rides seem almost a necessity…I found my spirit again.  It was just a quick getaway trip.  A place where I was supposed to recharge and plan the next 12 months.

Instead, I realized how much I love the water and actually need to be around water (and the Hudson does not count) ideally every week, but every two weeks is going to have to work, right now. For some reason, I can not get myself to use a valuable tool, such as the weather channel, weather apps, etc. despite having access to these wonderful tools.  Hence, I was not ready for the weather because I had a great French country like summer dress on, while the weather actually called for sweater and jeans (at times). Luckily, the sun decided to grace us with her presence in the middle of the  the day.

Getting to Block Island

Well, if you are going to enjoy the small island, I think you should go during the off seaseon. I can not imagine this place with tons of people, crowded beaches and even more cyclists on the roads. I think it could make for some grumpy people. Wheras, having the last bit of the merchants that were on their way home (marmar), starting to pack up the goods, recounting their summer experiences was  a much nicer experience.  If you are going to make the trip you can fly into the island or take the ferry from three places: Mountak, Long Island , Judith Point, Rhode Island, or New London, Connecticut. If you must have your car, you can take it on the ferry but a bike will do you fine.

The food

I had to get my cup of coffee, especially after the ferry ride felt like I might have been in for weather from Scandanvia. One of the men that I was chatting with, put it best “Miss your freezing, sure your going to last?” At that point, I began to hit myself ten times over for leaving my sweater and scarf in the car. As soon as we docked, I made my way to Juice n Java Coffee House, where minutes later I realized that I was going to have a great day.  Of course, New England calls for lobster, lobster and more lobster. I have to say,  I do not like lobster, However, upon reading the reviews on Rebeccas I just had to try the lobster roll. One thing that I can is freshess was the most important ingredient. This was not your store bought lobster.  The seasonings were not overpowering, the bread held up, and the lobster salad was a true delight.

Now, the sights!

Even the Dog was Cold!


Need I say more? Two places across the street from each other, let the competition begin!

The water and the boy


THe lobster roll!


On the way back to the mainland


~ by travelling womanists on September 22, 2010.

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