BootLegg Haikus for a Travelling Womanist

So recently I have found it very difficult for me to find the motivation to write abotu my travels.  I keep searching for some inspiration but find the I am overwhelmed by my thoughts, inaction, a small dash of procrastination and just plane foolery.  With this in mind I started to think about writing Haikus.  At first I thought it would be simple but quickly found out that was not the case. With that in mind I decided to create my own style of Haiku….Haikus for the Travelling Womanists, I guess.  So here they are.  I guess fortunately for you, Ive been feeling a little more motivated and plan to put up a couple of random things that I wrote while in class, on the train and in the midst of my current travels around the wonderful universe called New York City.

This first Haiku was inspired by a trip down memory lane.  I sat looking at an old old pic of myself that made me realize my complext personality has developed throughout the years in many ways.  However the way in which i convert my thoughts into facial expressions and body language is still the same.  I have “the look” that many recognize but most dont realize that I have had “the look” for years.    I call this Haiku “The Look.”

The Look

The Look

The Look

Cold Eyes
Empty Gaze
Disenchanged Phase

I used to talk to my friends a lot about my overwhelming desire to fall asleep whenever I needed to hear something important.  As I begin to learn more and more and more about self diagnosis, I recognized that I could diagnose what was happening to me.  No, it was not because I was not challenged by the professor.  No, it is not because I did not understand the material.  No, it is not because I didnt get enough sleep the night before.  Its because i have Learning Induced Narcolepsy…THANK YOU WEB MD!!

Self Diagnosis

Learning Induced Narcolepsy
Aint no Joke
When you Tryn to Stay Awake in Class


Sunkissed Summer Skin
Dry Itchy Cold


~ by travelling womanists on September 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “BootLegg Haikus for a Travelling Womanist”

  1. Love it! Girl, stay off of WebMD 🙂

    • WebMD can save you and me. I should write a little story about a self diagnosis gone wrong wrong wrong that a friend once told me about. I really appreciate your enthusiasm abou tthe blog. When are you planning to submit? Obviously we ALL know that you have a lot to say say say!

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