Ecology of the Mind – Travelling Womanists spits that Hot FIYA (not…)

Bringing all the BOY$$$ to the YARD!

After attending the lecture last week, i got to thinking and realized that I wanted to try this poetry thang…anywho, i really like the idea of taking words and phrases observed throughout my travels and turning them into one continous piece of something…

from the thoughts of those that so deeply impressed me i came up with this

DREAM(s) Squared

What is your dream
within this landscape of invisibility?
visions of solitude dance through my head
rebirth of a revolution
defined somewhere between
& space
many of us have died
but even more of us are BORN
redefining the cultural ecology of the
Solice warms an embodied soul with possibilities for
My DREAM is WE!!!



~ by travelling womanists on October 1, 2010.

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