On My Way Back Home

I did not know what was going to happen. I take this trip back to the home, where I grew up with my family from time to time. This Saturday, as I waited for my mother to arrive and take us to our destination. I saw a group that always fascinated me but I never had any time to learn more about who they were. They are the Black Isrealites or the Black Hebrews.

Many of you maybe be wondering, what?, who are they?, why did you want to learn more about them? It fascinates me that membership into this misogynist and chauvinist group continues to grow. As, I listened to their preaching, telling people exactly which tribe they came from, I realized that I should just take pictures, to explore my day in old neighborhoods.

As soon as that thought crossed my mind, this women, had to be moved by the spirit! She went off, FOLKS! She was livid, that such a group could be disrespecting the name of Jesus. She started to quote the Bible and then the screaming match began. Each person strong in their conviction, started to quote, from their respective Holy Books, what they needed and wanted the other person to understand. As the group of men, realized they were losing the screaming match they said this ” as you can see this woman has the spirit of the man on her…look at her trying to be a man…with her clothes…her “preaching.” Women are NOT meant to be preachers, women are meant to be silent! Women are meant to submit to the man!” Well, this woman did not SUBMIT anything and she did so much preaching, that people felt like they were in church.

I realized that some where between my parents home and my place, that something that I have had over the years is tolerenace. As I left the corner of this verbal brawl, I knew that I would never be on either side. I was happy that I lived in a place where this could happen. On my way back home, I realized how happy I was that my mother always let me explore but knew when enough was enough. I wanted to just tell those men, ENOUGH! Just as the woman said, “today is the day for me to wear pants, preach, and shed some light on who you are!” Amen to that!


One of the Holy Books....



~ by travelling womanists on October 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “On My Way Back Home”

  1. I wonder if they are anymore chauvinistic or egocentric than their Zionist brothers and sisters?? Thanks for covering this. Seems like many of the conservative religious groups it’s the same old story.

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