The value of female artists in the marketplace

I had the pleasure of attending a forum about the value of women’s art in the marketplace.
As I walked in the beautiful, large gallery all the faces were the same. It was the very cliche New York art event. Yet the topic was of much interest to all present.

Women are undervalued, in the art sector. An interesting point that came up from the panel and that really stayed with me the whole night, was that women are able to sell more during periods of recession. It maybe linked to the fact that people are trying to get more for their money. However, when we look at the gap between the highest pieces sold by a man and women, there is a difference of about 10 to 1. Recently, statistics seem to say that for every dollar a man makes a women makes 77 cents. Well, in the art world you can only imagine the difference.

I was not surprised that women works were undervalued, nor was I surprised that the panel, was not as diverse as it could have been. I found it interesting that for a panel discussing the role of women, not one Black Women was on the forum. Then again, it would be quite a feat to meet a Black female artist that has actually been able to break the glass ceiling.


~ by travelling womanists on October 14, 2010.

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