What is the Point of Art?

It started out a bit cliche, Chelsea on a Thursday night, in New York City. The galleries always seem to have opening receptions for the established and up and coming artists. Tonight, I was on my way to meet someone but I ended up meeting so many other people that were fascinated by the work of Myles Carter at Skoto gallery.  I thought I was just on my way to meet someone but when I left the reception, I realized that was I was there to meet other  to be able to meet so many other people.

What is the point of art? As I made my way from gallery to gallery all I can think is what is the point? What exactly was the point of Moon Beom ? What exactly was Myles Carter sharing in his “Hungry +Sexy” piece? We are in the digital age, where texture, actual size, smell, and touch are lost. We want our email, BBM, Iphone apps to work right now! (Especially those of us, that live in New York City!) Is art of more importance in this digital age or will we simply look back and say it was the art of its time?

I realized that there were two pieces that spoke to me at the Myles Cater opening reception at Skano gallery. I kept on coming back like a person that has a crush and has to see her crush again and again. I looked, but really wanted to understand. I realized that I made my own story for these pieces and started to really feel an intense connection with these pieces. What was the point in these pieces? I actually did not want to know. I read the press release and spoke to people who had their take on the pieces. I realized for me their message seemed to speak just to me and for today I wanted an art that spoke just to me. I reinterpreted the great art of Myles Carter and it spoke to my heart. I do not know the point of all art…I do know that at times art must speak to our heart and Myles Carter did this to me.


~ by travelling womanists on October 22, 2010.

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