Taking the Pledge

I must admit that what you are about to read is a little something that I’ve been thinking about for a little bit now.  Ironically when I began to explain this to people they often asked me if it was in conjunction with the Rally to Restore Sanity.  This, however is not the case.  What you read below is an idea that reflects an overwhelming feeling that many feel, it’s just my little way of putting something out there to help me and my buddies keep on pushing!

Soo a couple of months ago one of my besties and I decided on a lil plan to help ourselves through the tough times.  I mean these times are tough for everyone right?  The economy is tanking, people seemed to be losing their minds and we are struggling to really maintain our sanity to say the least.  During our long chats my besty and I recognized that a number of issues were causing a great deal of stress in our lives.  It’s funny cause we often start to think…is this stress because of work?  …is this because of play? …is this related to outside influences that we know nothing about? … is this driven by unfortunate encounters with illogical people who have no common sense?  While it is impossible to know what causes all of this stress, one thing is for sure.  We NEEDed to figure out a way to address it.  It was as if the photo illustration posted in this blog actually described our lives.  Ironically we sat down and decided that we needed to stay committed to our sanity.

AnyTHANG is Possible!!

With this a wonderful thing was born:  Our PLEDGE TO SANITY.  We decided that this would be a great idea to  help support ourselves psychologically and emotionally in our journey through adulthood.  This meant that anytime TSA tried to get crazy and TAKE a piece of our well purchased and necessary beauty products we would not flip out just remind ourselves that we were COMMITTED.  This means that whenever some person on the street cuts my friend off and tries to act like they have the right of way even though they did not signal and almost caused a 5 car pile up she will remind herself that she is COMMITTED.  This means that when I go into a restaurant and ask the waitress for at least 5 important things on the menu but they seem to be out of all of them included tea during “High Tea” I will not get angry just remind myself that I AM COMMITTED.  This means that whenever that person that I interact with at work, school or anywhere repeats my idea back to me and pretends like its something new that they came up with I WILL KNOW THAT I AM COMMITTED.    Some may use prayer.  Some may use meditation.  Some may even use exercise.   We plan to use it in conjunction with as many of these steps as possible and in the end know that OUR PLEDGE TO MAINTAIN OUR SANITY will satisfy our need to get through that minute, hour or even day.  This mantra will help to lower blood pressure, keep hair from greying and hopefully lead to the ultimate sanity that I so desperately desire as I move through the world as a travelling womanists.


~ by travelling womanists on October 27, 2010.

3 Responses to “Taking the Pledge”

  1. Great POST!! I TOOK THE PLEDGE!! I will stay committed even through the tough times

  2. Yes, girl! I’m making the pledge!
    It will be very hard, anger is part of my personality.

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