What is Going on in America?

I do not know what pushed me over the edge. Evening news at 11 P.M. is never a good idea, as one should be relaxing before they go to bed. Yesterday afternoon, I realized that I lived in America. The United States of America, where people are losing their minds. I feel like I am in the middle of a Dave Chapelle skit. Wrong, Dave Chapelle makes me laugh. I am not on candid camera.  This is life in America.

Within ten minutes I went from hearing that charges were dropped, in one of the most heinous hate crimes that was committed against three gay men in the Bronx, New York.  Three minutes later, I saw that a liberal was attacked, because she was -a member of RepubliCorps- carrying a sign at a Rand Paul rally. I was really upset at this point and decided to tweet my frustrations away.

Yesterday morning, as I was reading the news, I saw these posts about the “fatties”! So, before I even thought about my morning coffee, the question was back on my mind…what is going on in America?  Why is blatent disrespect of everyone from the President, homosexuals, Black people, Brown people, fat people, conservatives and liberals accepted? Why are we not more outraged as a society? How can this blatent disrespect, unproductive anger and isms of sort just be tolerated?

Since, President Obama has been elected into office, everyone is just angry. All the time, just angry and frustrated. I never realized that because one was upset, they could just stop treating others the way they want to be treated. The economy has tanked, people do not have homes, jobs or healthcare! I know, I live in this country, yet this excess anger that so many people are carrying around as the new normal, has got to go! America needs an INTERVENTION!






~ by travelling womanists on October 28, 2010.

One Response to “What is Going on in America?”

  1. Well know that some of us appreiate your thoughtful concern for who were attacked this week (and it seems the President is attcked, well just because…). Maybe it is just a season. People (me) are angry over here to. Not really sure why but we are. Don’t loose your sensitivity and sincere concern 🙂

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