Recently a number of transitions have happened either in my life or in the lives of my family and friends.  As a result of these very dramatic transitions, I have been forced to really begin to think more about what transitions means and looks like to me.  I also begin to think about what a dynamic process really means within the context of my personal and professional lives (…& yes I say lives because they seem to sometimes seem like two parallel universes operating in one dimensions which should be impossible right?).

Many of my thoughts are centered on the transition of my grandmother to a place beyond the here and now.  I often realize when talking about death or while waiting for death to approach that I am fairly grounded in the philosphies of my own truth.  For years my parents, grandparents and all other elders or providers of wisdom in my life constantly reinforced the idea that the body, mind and spirit are seperate pieces of a person or being.  The separation between these 3 pieces is essential to thinking about oneself in relation to a broader universe and spiritual world….


these thoughts are unfinished &



so is my process…Ashe

Peace B. Still….


~ by travelling womanists on November 16, 2010.

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