my mother’s gospel pt 1 – ThanksGIVING

***sidenote: funny enough the development and implementation of this blog has been quite meditative for myself and i think for my blogmate as well.  ironically after looking through a number of the posts i realized that we often post similar posts without having a discussion about it.  i credited this to some type of pyschic intuition or maybe even connection but found it hilarious as i went to post something on Turkey Day…i wanted to call it lessons from my mother but realized that would be way too similar to “Lessons from Marie”  anywho, i thought it was just a bit funny and was really excited to see the like-mindedness pass through my roommate, blogmate and friend even though we were in two different countries at the time.  anywho to my thoughts….

A 1,000 Paper ThanksGivings!!!

A 1,000 Paper ThanksGivings!!!

After many years of working, living, loving and learning I have had the great opportunity to reflect on the many lessons that i have learned from my mother and father.  Although most times the lessons from my mother often are more dramatically identified through some impactful dramatical experience.  I also realized that I often talk about the lessons I learned from my mother because my father provides with peaceful nuggets of wisdom usually through a card or something…

Anywho, the point of this is to really begin chronicling a lil recurring blog idea that i thought of called my mother’s gospel.  The first installment of my mother’s gospel is all about turkey day.  It hit me the other day how odd it was for many of my counterparts that work in social justice and often are critical of many traditions and practices that are celebrated in america while perpetuating, contextualizing, and promoting lies.  In this I thought long and hard about how I began to think about and promote Thanksgiving or Turkey Day as I liked to call it.  I do understand the “spirit” and the “spirit” of the holiday but realized that most of this context and my understanding came from a very pivotal event around the age of 13.

For many years my mother and father did not allow us to celebrate holidays in spirit but we did celebrate them in spirit.  What do I mean by this?  Well for christmas we never had a Christmas tree but we did participate in the gathering of family and celebration of fun that is the ultimate spirit of all holidays celebrated in the US whether they are based on fallacies or not.  This often meant that many folks often thought that we were Jehovah’s witnesses.  Anywho, I digress.  It has only been recently that I realized how relevant these lessons that I learned so long ago are to my life.

The story begins on Thanksgiving when my mother actually persuaded the rest of our family to have Thanksgiving dinner on the non-traditional day of Wednesday.  As a result we (my brother, sister, father and mother) would go to Alcatraz at 4 am for the Indigenous Peoples Thanksgiving

Its amazing how this experience came full circle once the it was all confirmed on Facebook (FB) via a viral video about Columbus Day

So in all reality I end this in thinking about my journey through life as a travelling womanists and the lessons that I have learned and value.  My mother’s gospel turns out to be a set of experiences that i initially thought of as odd, uncomfortable, embarrassing and dangerous that make me who I am.  I thank my mother for all of this and am ThankFul for the valuable lessons that she has taught me.

Peace B. Still – ReFlectionary!!!!


~ by travelling womanists on November 27, 2010.

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