Pathologies of diss-FUNCTION


So I sat down and had been thinking about what I should blog about today, yesterday or maybe even the day before.  It took me awhile, I wrote or tried to add to a couple of old blogs but nothing would really come together that sounded or felt like I wanted it to.  So I sat and tried to blog over the chatter of my wonderful little friends (children are around me this weekend) and tried to focus on why I was wearing a jacket in Southern California.  I sat and I thought, even had a chance to have a good little chat with my father as he questioned why I did not blog about the experiences I have had as travelling womanists on work trips all over the US.  I came up with any number of reasons as to why I was not motivated to write about them…

What I did realize is that all in all I am a bit obsesses with the fabric of our lives.  What makes us move and tic and causes many of us to move forward while so many of us are left “behind.”  I guess this blog post is the result of a couple of things.  Recently I went to see the Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wangari Maathai talk about her new book Replenishing the Earth: Spiritual Values for Healing Ourselves and the World. While listening to her talk about core value and the people who impacted her life the most I realized that she had a certain pathology that lead her to where she is now.  A pathology of love, a pathology of power and a pathology of diss-Function that made her the great woman that she is today.

I then move to another conversation that I had with a dear family member about where we are in our lives and the many things that have influenced us to become some what succesful and functional individuals within society.  I thought about the way in which the conversations with my father, my friend and the random person in the bus stop all made me think about the many pathologies that lead to them being the way that there are, were and will be in the future.  It is in this that I thought about the different pieces of our lives and the pathologies that we all take on that make us WE.

It reminds me of the colorful fabric called Kente Cloth that my mother loves.  Or the beautiful Batik that my dear friend wears with pride from her beloved Indonesia.  All of these precious fabrics are woven together from what some may call diss-FUNCTION.  The beauty of it all is that no matter how messed up things are we can find beauty, serenity and even a path out of the chaos.  I am not sure if any of this makes sense.  Or if it relates enough to the over all theme for this blog.  What I do know is that as I move into the next transition in my life I will have to figure out how my own Pathology of diss-FUNCTION will lead to a beautiful outcome that will be cherished by myself and those that love me.


Peace B. Still,




~ by travelling womanists on December 6, 2010.

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