Lessons in 4giveness: <3 & Happiness

Happiness is...

I sat down thinking about all of the fun that I’ve had travelling back to visit my family in my DEAR California.  Its amazing to finally be at “home” and to just breathe.  Its amazing to me how nice it is to leave NYC and just come to a place where I can enjoy the rolling hills and the wonderful smell of rain in the morning.  The vineyards look like neatly place cornrows freshly and tightly braided.  It makes me think of the fun times related to my hair and my childhood.  All the lessons that I have learned from my friends and family but especially those lessons learned from my sister and one of my bestest friends.  The lesson is all about 4giveness.

My bestest buddy and sister have taught me patience with those that often make me most frustrated.  Its hard sometimes because I realize that I am often very hard on my sister and do show her enough gratitude.  I also realize that I am not always the best at letting people know how much I love and care for them but this is for them.  My sister has taught me to be patient and giving and that often the most precious gift that one can be given is the opportunity to receive love even after doing something that I would consider to be a unforgiveable offense.  Now sometimes I believe she has forgiven where I could not even think about it.  Or sometimes she has forgiven and forgotten when I think it is most important to never forget.  But all in all what I have learned is the importance of forgiveness in gaining love and happiness in my own life.

Amazingly, one of my bestest buddies has taught me the very same lesson.  After bouncing back from many setbacks she found forgiveness for those that hurt her the most.  Often, I realize that to get to a place where you can truly forgive and move on to the next thing you have to have recognition of what comes next and faith in what the future will bring.  These gifts that I have received and been reminded of since returning to cali on vacation are what make me WHOLE.  I know that my sister and friend may not hear this a lot but I love them and thank them for giving me the greatest gift of all.  4GIVENESS + Patience = ❤ & Happiness

Through my life journey I realize the overall importance in recognizing this lesson while travelling through the world.  The ability to be open will not only enhance any cultural exchange that I have while exploring the world but also enhance my life journey and recognizing the blessings I have received from all those that I come in contact with.

Peace B. Still,



~ by travelling womanists on December 22, 2010.

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