One Year Later and Where is the Haiti that I Left?

I was in Peru, when the earthquake took place in Haiti.   I had just come down from Wayna Picchu and all the worries and baggage in the world were left on the mountaintop. As I was making my way to my destination, my phone became inundated with  “are you okay?” text messages.  I did not know that a few hours ago, my friends had died and that my father was missing. I had no idea that the country that showed me how to love, was “broken” yet again. It has been one year since the earthquake took place in Haiti. For the last year more contracts, consultants, and promises have come to Haiti while, non -food items have been distributed, more contracts have been signed and not implemented, more consultants are coming to Haiti and promises have been broken to so many people. So, for Haiti, that means things look exactly the same, rubble and tent cities.

I  thought that when this day came, I would want to be in Haiti.   Then again, maybe, I am just afraid.  Afraid that streets and rubble will remind me of times I met my freind, places that I ran when I was training for a marathon or make me recall times that I stored away in my memory box.

I remember trying to sleep in Peru after the earthquake and thinking was the room going to start shaking? Or, even worse, would  the ceiling would fall on me?  How many people were innocently taking a nap the day of the earthquake, running a favor for someone, watching someones child, or just escaping death? I wondered where was my father. I was so scared. It felt as though I was six or seven again, waiting for my father to come home. I would try to fight sleep, because I had to hear my dad come through the door.

Today, is bittersweet. A year has passed and tent cities have become part of our semantics. Today, more money flows through the country and distribution of power and services is even larger. Today, my heart is  heavy. I have so many friends and family that survived, but I can not forgot the people that are not with me today. My father, did  finally call home and as I got off the phone and sent texts to friends, I received news of confirmed deaths.  Bittersweet.

Here is a  bit of where I am with Haiti.

Kembe Fem,




~ by travelling womanists on January 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “One Year Later and Where is the Haiti that I Left?”

  1. This is such an intense experience. I’m glad you are able to share your it with everyone

  2. The character of the people has been demonstrated many times by the courage and resilience of the Haitians to persevere after one natural disaster after another. What is amazing is how a nation of less than 10 million can have so much international cooperation working to keep the country from moving forward. Will the Internationalist allow “Baby Doc” to visit the county? Will billions of dolllars be used to bring in the clean water and sanitation equipment? I will like millions be watching to see what happens next.

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