I Want to Be a Princess!

I have tried to live with less. I make an effort not to pick up additional papers and bring them back to my living space. I could not say no to the man handing out  New York Metro Papers. I went left and right and he went right and left, so I took the paper and read the laterst happenings in the city. I like to read my papers from front to back. As I turned the page I realized there was a “beautiful” page with all these princesses. All Disney themed and from all around the world. Except, I was missing. I was no where to be found.  There  were no Black princesses and the ones that looked very exoctic, did not look anything like my biracial cousins. As I am about to become a godmother of a young girl, I am taking a more critical look at the world around me and how I hope she will interact in this world.

I should not have to go “back to Africa” to see positive images of Black women. I hope that many of you realize the last statement is a gross generaliztion. As I saw the picture, I thought, this is twofold. All the Black girls in the countries where I have lived, want to be just like this ad.  So, where do I go when I to see images and real life examples of  a Princess?

I hope that I will always be able to look at my past for examples of values, traits, and life lessons that I hope to pass to her. Yet, it is equally important that she has exposure to contemporary women tackling and solving the world issues.

So, here are a few princess that I thought of off the top of my head… Can you name a few princesses for me? I would love to write a card and collage for my future goddaughter.

A few of my princesses and Queens include Queen Hatshepsut,  Ann Nzinga “Queen of Ndongo”,  Makeda “The Queen of Sheba”, Michelle Obama, Shirley Chisholm and my mother.





~ by travelling womanists on January 19, 2011.

2 Responses to “I Want to Be a Princess!”

  1. Disney started in 1923. In 2009 they released the first animated film featuring a black princess in “The Princess and the Frog”. It only took them 86 😉

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