This is Why WE FIGHT….


It was late and I just completed another Facebook romp.  Feeling uninspired and still actively working toward my goal of figuring out what is next in my life, I stumbled across startling news.  I guess we all have those moments where we are searching for the meaning that is already there and desperately hoping that the feeling of despair will go away.  I often discuss this purpose with friends, family and colleagues…

Every once in a while I see something that really grounds me in why I am still committed to a cause that seems so tedious and difficult to address.  Well here are three women that remind me of why I care so much about the work I do everyday.

my INSPIRation - Ethel Dotson


MTR SHEro - Judy Bond



Our MOMI - Hazel Johnson

This all fascinates me because every once in a while I think about the power of women within movements and their impact on the world that we live in each and everyday.  The thing about environmental justice is that you are in it for the long haul.  I often think about what brought me to the current point in my life where I am searching to understand why the FIGHT is a FIGHT.  This also helps me focus in on what types of results I should expect to see in working toward issues that relate to the intersection of race, place and environment.

All of these women taught me many things but it never ceases to fascinate me how many times I go back to the lesson I learned from my Aunt Ethel so many years ago.  When she stood up and struck fear in the hearts of so many people with her powerful voice that spoke truth to power in every way and form.  I remember this when I have patient conversations with my mother and remember that all of her friends have passed away from some unknown (what i would consider to be an environmentally related illness).  I remember this when i speak to my friend who tells me that prostate cancer is a normal thing in the town where her father grew up.  I remember this when I think about the many experiences that bond us together in the human experience.  The many injustices that drive our economy and so many facets of our lives.   In a small way I have to remember the reason for the tattoo on my back.

I fight because of Sankofa!! I fight because I know that in the past my ancestors and those that came not so far before me were working toward a common goal:  A Healthy Place Where We can all LIVE, WORK, PLAY, & PRAY!!

Peace B. Still


....OverSTAND UR Future


~ by travelling womanists on January 22, 2011.

One Response to “This is Why WE FIGHT….”

  1. Your post made me think about my father and my grandfather. Two men that share the same name and the same illness – prostate cancer. I also started to remember my Cousin Emmitt. I have not thought about him in years. Sounds crazy but Emmitt had soooo many kids. At least 8 – he really did create a true Southern family. They are all dead now. I think maybe 1 is still alive. All passed away from cancer. Rumor has it, their house was built on top of a gas station that was never cleaned properly. I miss Emmitt. I miss his smile. His bigness. I miss my dad too.
    I miss…
    Emmitt – stomach cancer
    Francine – bone cancer
    Bubba – rectal cancer
    Ray – stomach cancer
    Michael – alive
    Fred – alive
    Ruth (mother) – lung cancer

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