Travelling Womanists Wishes…maybe YOU (yeah you) can help?!

As I was reading the New York Times, I came across the travel section and my mouth WATA ( and yes I use WATA because everything is more serious when you add an A to it).  The section had a beautiful cover and covered the 41 Places to go in 2011.  I am salivating over the many destinations that are in this long list of places.  This has also made me aware of the necessity to really move forward on the idea of putting together a comprehensive blog site that is really in tune with the core mission of the chronicles of travelling womanists.  We are here to showcase the travel experiences (whether domestic or abroad/ metaphysical or physical) of black women from throughout the african diaspora.

Funny enough, during the process of identifying women to guest blog, I often find myself asking many prompting questions in relation to what makes these women tik.  I ask them questions like: where have you travelled recently?  has anything significant happened in your life that you may want to talk about?  how have you changed after your trip to (blank) place?

The answers to these questions often change while one thing remains the same.  All of the women always claim to have nothing to talk about but after a bit of prompting they have tons to share.  Most times these prompts have to do with the changes that they have undergone in relation to their own personal growth.

During my search for sites to focus on while thinking about travel, I came across a website sponsored by American Airlines for the Black Traveller.  The thing that stuck out to me about this website was its target audience.  Once again there is a website focused on the travel experiences of African Americans that make over $100,000 per year.  Like so many other things this speaks to the need for more of you to share stories of a broad spectrum.  We control our stories!  We control our media!  We control ourselves.

Take a look at the website & more importantly select a destination where you plan to travel then submit your story to Travelling Womanists!!!


Peace B. Still,




~ by travelling womanists on January 28, 2011.

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