What’s in Sunnyside, Queens?

When the morning starts out all wrong what else can be better than brunch to make you feel better? Sounds like a great idea! My good friend was trying to cheer me up and it actually ended up working out. I forgot the Sunday Brunch ritual in Queens, that surely turns into an early dinner. Our small trip took so long but the food was so good, you easily forgot how long it took to get there.

Of course, New York Cites primary mode of transportation, the subway, was acting out of order! At one stop, there was at least a 20 minute delay. Normally, small delays are part of the ride. Yet, when it takes about an hour to move 5 stops, riders start to get aggie. So, the train ride was a bit long and as we attempted to transfer we realized the same thing was happening, so it was TAXI time! And just like that, I saw the beautiful “Sunnyside” sign.

Heaven. Our goal: get awesome Peruvian food! Mission Accomplished! If you are ever in Sunnyside Queens, please check out Pio Pio Riko. We obviously had really good food and one of my favorite Peruvian beers. I guess my friends goal was to just make me smile again,forgot everything that was going on around me, and find out of one, of the many reasons, why Sunnyside, Queens has a special place in their heart.  Mission Accomplished!




Do Not Say No to the Paella!

How can I say no to the chicken?




One of my favorite Peruvian Beers




Great appetizers...you just can't stop eating Fried Corn!



Welcome to Sunnyside!





~ by travelling womanists on February 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “What’s in Sunnyside, Queens?”

  1. this place is definitely worth sharing 🙂

  2. Looks tasty!!!

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