Where Should I Go? Aruba, Jamaica, or……

Hello Everyone,

PLease excuse me for the absence. My blog mate and guest bloggers have been holding the fort down. So, I need your help to plan my next vacation. I am in search of warm waters, great beaches, and awesome food. I want my pictures to show you amazing life, warm sunsets and I want to miss some sunrises! Yes, I am actually going to try and sleep in. It is hard, but I will try. So, after a long week and the New York Times 14 Easy Weekend Getaways, I said yes. You will get out of the country and not become one of those people that “puts off vacation!”

Here is where you can help me? My blogmate and I discuss what we want our readers to experience and how we can actually share tips, etc. Well, I would like to plan a trip with your help.

Here is the goal:

Question 1: Where should I go? Right now, Aruba, Jamaica, really the Caribbean is on the top of my list. I want to snorkel or possibly go for a dive.

Question 2: Anybody got a flight hookup? Yep, I said it. I think I know where I want to go but have you seen any good travel deals? Just to let you know, tickets for 400 and less are acceptable prices for this region.

Question 3: Am I staying at your cousins’ house, the new age quaint villa or the Marriot once I get there? Hotels, there are so many but any recommendations or horror stories, feel free to let me know.

Well, I think I have my homework for a few days. I will keep you all updated on where I end up and yes, of course, I will blog about it!

~ Erzulie





~ by travelling womanists on March 18, 2011.

3 Responses to “Where Should I Go? Aruba, Jamaica, or……”

  1. I say Cuba or Brazil. I would love to follow your experience in Salvadore / Bahia.

  2. I say you outsource it! I’ve starting outsourcing more and more of these kinds of tasks, and its a serious game changer! Check out oDesk.com


  3. Although my blood line runs from Jamaica, I have to agree with LuvBeingLuvD….Salvador da Bahia is where it’s at! I collected my dissertation data there in June ’09 and feel in love immediately! Blackness is celebrated there and it was the most liberating experience I’ve had yet 🙂 Hmmm…maybe I should blog about it

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