Sex Crimes Against Black Girls: Haiti


I love to travel. I love to experience Black peoples lives nad take their stories and “keep their feelings” close to my haert and writt and share their experiences later. After listening to the Sex Crimes Against Black Girls Panel Discussion, I took time to reflect how much so many of the countries that I love and have impacted my worldiew, are  cesspools for brutal sex crimes against Black Girls and Women. I was inspired to continue the conversation, online by sharing about the crimes that have been committed in the countries that I love and even the one that I will be going to in a few weeks. For the next few posts, I will share a bit about the countries that I have visited and their crimes against Black Women and Girls.

Pilate, Haiti

“Miss, you know how it is…what can we do?” As I drove up the hospital in Pilate, Haiti the road was very muddy because of the rains and crossing of seven rivers.   For the last hour, the roads and rivers just weave into this magical place. Looking out of your window, you can easily forget about your destination and get lost in the travel to Pilate. As you leave the tree lined mountains, you finally see two large pillars that say welcome to Pilate.

On the road, I noticed how short the pregnant “women” were. I noticed that there were many preganat women on this road, conducting a normal house activities;  attempting to get water, drying beans, sorting out materials to take to the weekly market.  It felt a bit odd, that all the “women” were short. I remember writing it down and when I spoke to staff members about issues and concerns in the area the short pregnant women were girls.

Pilate, had an unusually high rate of teen pregnancy. While, this might not be an alarm for you, in a town like this, it is a bit odd. As, I listened to staff and patients, I realized everyone tried to be very delicate about the “rape” non rape issue. “Oh, well the problem is the men like to sleep with these young girls.”  But, the girls get in trouble for being pregnant and never fully disclosing that maybe a member of the family, trusted neighbor, or pastor raped them.

As I started to spend more time in this rural area known for some of Haitis finest coffee, cocoa and bread. My walks and view become diffuclt. I started to write more, a small piece of me wondered during patient home visits, was this man sleeping with a child in the community? Where were all these cowards that violently and so sleathy stripped away these young girls self- identify? Where were these animals? How could I not “clearly identify” these perpertators.

As I listened to the video, mentioned above, Mr. Anyabwile Love, states it so cleary, “how do you react when these perpetuators are also the ones that have to care for you?” How do you react when a person that raped you, might be responsible for bathing you or touching you in a non sexual way?”

Pilate, Haiti made quite an impression on me.  Not becasue it was beautiful or the community was willing to work at promotimg and implementing community health interventions to save thier lives and future generation, it was also the place where lines of little girls turned and waved and smiled with large innocent eyes with pregnant bellies.   And everytime I came back there were more girls out of school, more stories of children being trafficked to the Dominican Republic and more little girls that were pregnant.

As, I write this piece, I wonder how on earth, could I have fallen in love with this place? Where little girls were being stolen and the boogie man was not a monster, but a trusted friend? Where public health programs were sometimes just able to touch a bit of the larger issue and where some people thought, this was a “normal” way of life.






~ by travelling womanists on March 21, 2011.

One Response to “Sex Crimes Against Black Girls: Haiti”

  1. While working in Oakland, California a National report stated Oakland had one of the highest rates of child prostitution in the US. Before the report came out these young girls were just considered “lose, fast, little hoes”, and not much was done about by local police and other governmentl agencies. Unfortunately theis is a global problem and will take a very organized effort to stop the varied diminsions of theis problem. Keep up the good fight!

    WC Newman

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