Geeky By Nature

We won tickets to come to Geeky by Nature. My boyfriend, wanted me to learn more about his world. He entered a competition to win tickets for the two day conference taking place in New York City and he actually, won the tickets.  Geeky By Nature is a conference for “design, art and code for digit al developers and programmers”.  I had no idea what I was getting into. As I finished up the first day of the conference, I walked away thinking that Hellicar  & Lewis, are on to something…everyone should learn code.

Geeky by Nature, started out in England. Imagine it, programmers, designers, and developers. For those of you that do not know, generally, society labels these people as nerds or geeks. We think of the pimply 16 year old boy in his room building and playing games on his computer, the reality is everyone is playing games (think about how much time you now spend of facebook playing games)! More importantly, think about how many apps you are use everyday. I dove in head first and have a new appreciation for ideas that are executed via code.

After a day of sessions, I wanted to go home and attempt things like this, that Jared Tarbell (cofounder of Etsy and just an interesting person) does:







As you can imagine, I went home and had amazing dreams. Thank you Geeky By Nature! This morning,  I started to wonder how these sessions were applicable to developing countries or areas with less access in domestic settings. Almost every speaker, spoke of how they got access to their first computer around 13 or 14. I thought about neighborhoods in New York, Oakland, and Burkino Faso where access is still taken for granted.  Access to these tools are critical, not just for the impact that they have years later but for shaping the human experience and what becomes possible.  I would love to see what happens when you let kids in Harlem, Oakland, Houston, Port au Prince, or Lagos program and design on their computer.  If we learn different langages in high school, why can’t programming languages, be part of this larger curriculum. I would love to see their natural connections.

I think I ❤ my computer and its potential even more. I am a travelling womanists living and loving the digital world!








~ by travelling womanists on April 1, 2011.

3 Responses to “Geeky By Nature”

  1. Wow! I got a little excited reading about your experience… How lovely it would be if you and some of the other geekies developed a proposal to present to Department of Education to have programming languages, and program and design integrated into the school system. The American school system can surely use a boost. As well as Haiti, Nigeria, etc. Good post 🙂

    • Thanks LuvbeingLuvD! Can you imagine if kids were really prepared for the world, but more importantly, felt as though they could create, how broader societies interacts. Science, math, and design are really cool!

  2. I loved reading this post. It can be such an exhilarating and inspiring experience to immerse yourself in an environment with people who have a totally different way of thinking. I hope your boyfriend can teach you a little code. It sounds like you have some great ideas. Plus, I heard he is very talented and handsome <3ric ftw, rofl!

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