For Colored Girls, Brainstorm

After viewing Tyler Perry’s adaption of ‘For Colored Girls’,  I have been wondering why people truly has strong feelings against this movie.  I will not lie, I thought it was going to be horrible. So many people told me “hmm, you know how Tyler Perry movie!” Yes, I do know classic Tyler Perry films.  I do not know how to clearly articulate how I am feeling. I have many feelings and I do not just want to write a series of posts that are rants. So, in order to help me this week I am going to Youtube. I am filtering a few movie reviews to see if any of them touch on the feelings that I am currently having.




Now, there are a few points that I might agree with in this movie. However, the two delivery of this review was really condescending, in my opinion.


How about letting me know your thoughts on For Colored Girls. I do feel that sex crimes against Black girls and women must be shared. I just do not know how I feel about this particular interpretation.  Last week, the documentary showing of No! The Rape Documentary, the producer, Aishah Shahidah Simmons shared an experience with us and I have thought about it since. Recently, during a visit to a University in Boston, a white woman came to her and said “I did not even know that Black Women could be raped.” As I thought of those words and watched For Colored Girls, I realized there is a need for films that address and share these experiences.



~ by travelling womanists on April 4, 2011.

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