What’s Your Mental State?

I went to the New Museum after a chat with a lovely friend. She told me that checking out the exhibit would not be a waste of time!  It was Thursday night and free admission!  I thought it was going to be the “normal New York Thursday night art scene”. I was wrong. If you are in New York City, check out the George Condo exhibit at the New Museum (and if you go on the weekends, you have rooftop access!)

The pieces were a journey into someone’s dream, no, this was Condos’ take on the reality of our “mental states” in contemporary society. The reality of the last few years, rage, anger, polarity, humilation, depression, and times of introspection. I could not stop thinking about the faces that I pass in New York. Yes, people walk as if there pants on fire, going somewhere at the speed of light, but really if you take time to look at peoples faces, they seem to share the state of their mental states.

As you wind through this exhibit, the lower levels, portray a man that is immensely creative and an artist that is willing to put his ego on exhibit. The lower level has pieces that are provocative. Sex filled and ego driven pieces that ask you to stop and question, what you are when you are having sex or what emotions are evoked when one thinks of sex.  The images are bold and unforgiving, the colors are amazing.  Condo, doesn’t ask for acceptance or necessarily want you to love these pieces.

I remember looking at some of his pieces and thinking out loud “wow, what drug was he on during this time?” Some one quickly said, “you shouldn’t assume it was only one.” He has pieces that ask you to sit, look and try to understand the layers. I wondered when did he know he was done. When could he walk away, realizing his pieces were complete.

As I think about the mental state of contemporary Americans, I felt Condo was able to show the range of  those emotions.  Condo, did not just show the range of emotions, he conjured emotions. I left feelings as though, I read a book in one sitting. I could not put the book down and I wanted to sit and enjoy the experiences that this artist was creating for me.





~ by travelling womanists on April 8, 2011.

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