What’s in Queens? F-U-N!

“I can not trek out to Queens. It is just so far away from the city! What does Queens even have to offer?” After listening to locals and transplants, trash my home borough, I wanted to send out a fun fact about Queens everyday. Who has time to do that and thanks to the internet I can be the snarky person that says  “google, queens fun fact!” Instead of staying on google for hours, I decided to take a zipcar, a few family members and head to the Hall of Science.

Remember, when your teachers or parents were trying to make science really fun? Remember, when they told you that you do use math and science every single day of your life? Well, they were right and if you check out the Hall of Science, you leave thinking, they were right.

The Hall of Science, is ranked as one top ten science museums in the country. If you grew up in New York City, you might be one of the 800,000 children that have taken field trips here. You might also be a person that wants to be goof off for a few hours, instead of playing Farmville on Facebook.

Wondering about how to get there? Want to know more admission information? If you are in the mood, check out the Queens Zoo, which is right around the corner. Take the day to be with family and friends. Head out to Queens, be a kid for a few hours and rediscover why science rocks!









~ by travelling womanists on April 11, 2011.

One Response to “What’s in Queens? F-U-N!”

  1. Let Me Google That For You 😉 haha

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