How do you get Ready for your Trips?

It is finally here! The day before your trip or the day of your trip (for all my procrastinators) and are you ready for your trip? What do you even need? Will your clothes and camera be all you need. Read the following and see how you could be just a bit more prepared for you next trip.


Are you medically cleared to travel? Will malaria, yellow fever or cholera be a concern for you? I am going to be honest, I hate taking pills, so I no longer subscribe to taking anti malaria medication.  Major disclaimer: I have had malaria (Rwanda), dengue fever (Cuba/Haiti) and I am still kicking. I think you should take the time to know what vaccines you need. Be on the safe side and get the prophylactics.

But, your health concerns do not stop there. Make sure to pack a quick emergency first aid kit! You can buy one or just your DIY.

  • Bandages
  • Alcohol
  • Tweezers
  • Latex gloves
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Alka-seltzer
  • Anti diarrhea medications,
  • Sunscreen
  • Aloe vera gel
  • Pain medication (do not give small children aspirin)
  • Name and number of your primary care physician
  • Name and number of medical evacuation company (in case you can not receive medical care in country where you are)
The World Health Organization and Mayo Clinic provide a plethora of information and tips on how to travel safe.


Let me guess, your passport has no more space? Oh, you don’t have a passport? Did you forget that you need a visa? Well, don’t worry. Embassies can be your best friend, for many quick services. As an American passport holder you are allowed to get more pages in your passport two times. Embassies are really good about returning passports in a timely manner and will have you back to travelling. The State Department, has really user-friendly (yep, the government is our friend) info and some other travelling tips. Need a visa, asap, check out where you are going and visa service providers are usually located in major cities.  You might be able to get that visa in a few hours.

TSA Craziness

So, you think that you can get through airport security in 10 minutes. Ok, it is possible, it just depends on the time you travel. For the rest of us, that have to spend time in line, don’t torture yourself.  You are a traveller, so look and act the part.

  • Do not have your suitcase looking like your just picked up the garbage.
  • Do not think you can still pack all your liquids in your carry on.
  • Do not have major attitude. TSA workers are more helpful to happy people 🙂
  • TSA loves us so much, they provide us with those awesome diagrams how to pack check it out

Destination: FUN, Right? 

Remember to walk around during those long flights and drink water. When you land, remember to have fun and drink some water. Depending on the country, make sure that you have an idea where the water comes from. Sometimes, bottled water is the best and that means ice might not be your best friend.  Enjoy your trip!

How about sharing some of the things that you do to prepare for your trips? We would love to hear from you!

Safe and fun travels! ~Erzulie!


~ by travelling womanists on April 29, 2011.

2 Responses to “How do you get Ready for your Trips?”

  1. This is a great post! Here’s a few extra things I like to know before I hit the travel-ways:

    Can I use my cell phone there?
    (unlock that s#*t! pre-paid SIM FTW! INHO)
    What type of power outlets do they use?
    Do they have ATMs?

    Also, bring more than one credit card. I still only have one, and that has already gotten me in trouble …


    • Great points! You cell phone and power outlets! Get your phone unlocked in the States, yes it is available if not pay the 5-10 dollars to get it unlocked in the country that you are visiting. Power outlets are a bit tricky, but no problem. Just get a universal plug. It had the adapters for every situation. ATMs. Most places around the world have ATMs, but many places, might require you to do a “cash advance” from your account. Instead of taking 10 minutes in an ATM line, you might have to go to the bank for this one and it might take an hour.

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