Libation Theology 101: Sangria, Cell Phones and Sharon Jones

100 days & nights of summer LUV

As I prepare myself for fun in the sun.  I think back to a fun experience last year at the Celebrate Brooklyn Concert Series.  Hopefully as I plan for my upcoming summer of foolery and fun, this experience will not happen again and I will not be begging T-Mobile for another version of my crappy cell phone.

So this year (2010 of course cause I wrote this blog a little bit ago and am finally finishing it almost a year later) has not been a great year for cell phones for any and every one in my nuclear family.  first my cell phone was snatched up by somebody at that stinking dallas bbq in chelsea.  but i digress…. i am fast forwarding to a little over many months plus a week and a half ago.  i am having fun with my dear friend after being present at a gorgeous union between two great people.  as part of my plan to celebrate this union in my own special way and to commemorate the impending end of summer, i was set on having a sangria picnic while enjoying the sweet tunes of sharon jones & the dap kings.  now some of you may think that this story has nothing to do with being a travelling womanists but it does.  my friends and i travelled to a local grocery store in her car.

we packed our shopping cart with tons of food that would allow us to Celebrate Brooklyn properlized (i love this word that someone made up many years ago.  as we prepared ourselves for a summer feast in the park, i was amazed by our commitment to being hydrated and fed throughout the fun fun times in Prospect Park.  We set out down the street to the train and that is where the hotmessness began.  As we carried our wonderful mexican sangria we realized that this would be a true adventure.  Halfway to the train we realized that one of our containers was leaking and in true summer fashion i threw down my bag (which contained my cell phone and a glass bottle) onto the ground.  In a second the bottle in my bag burst open and that is when I realized that my wonderful cell phone was in the bag.  Sooo…my cell phone was soaked what would I do now?  I keep the picnicing or party going.  I simpley put my phone in a dry bag and we commenced our trip to see the wonderful Sharon Jones.

Now its amazing that I chose to post this blog post today given all of the interesting things that are going on in the world today.  I guess I am posting this as a reminder of the things that we hold near and dear to our hearts.  Our freedoms to celebrate who we are in the park while listening to great music.  my commitment to fun and not to my stankn cell phone.  finally a shared experience listening to the soul through music, interactions with friends and my favorite new piece of spiritual celebration LIBATION THEOLOGY.

I hope everyone enjoys their day and continues to commit to their sanity and to spread the love that we always feel during warm summer days in the citay.

Peace B. Still,



~ by travelling womanists on May 3, 2011.

One Response to “Libation Theology 101: Sangria, Cell Phones and Sharon Jones”

  1. I will have to put the new vocabulary in my Ebonics dictionary.
    I do have a slight recall of the combination of Snagria and the cell pnone.

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