Life, Death and Jamaican Sunsets.

I decided to do minimal planning for this trip. It was supposed to be great and relaxed (which it was). I decided to do that last-minute task that changed my day. I went on Facebook. Yes, Facebook, that site that keeps us über connected to all our “friends”. Instead of just sharing blog news and dashing off to see Elizabeth Catlett, I found out a childhood friend had passed away.  It was a surprise and people started to share their disbelief via Facebook. I missed Elizabeth Catlett and was not even sure if I would go to Jamaica.

Jamaica was amazing, as I hit the pavement at JFK, my significant other said ” reality sucks!” He was right. After amazing nights of Jamaican sunsets, I still have to attend a wake and a funeral for someone, that so many people considered to be an angel. The most ironic part, is the day after the funeral, I officially become a godmother.  The next few days seem to be a remembrance of a great life and celebration of a new life.

Shani Duplessy, you will be missed. I sincerely think of you, like the Jamaican sunset. Anyone that was in your presence understands. You will be missed and just like the sunset, you were a sight to be around.

For those of you that do not know, Ms. Shani Duplessy, was a singer for St. Boniface Church for what must be about 15 or 20 years. It seems fitting, that I think of On Eagles Wing. It is a song that Shani sang so well, it is so bittersweet that this is the only song, that I can think of when I think of her name. We will miss you.


~ by travelling womanists on May 5, 2011.

5 Responses to “Life, Death and Jamaican Sunsets.”

  1. great tribute to your friend. i enjoyed the post and the pics. its amazing how easy it is for us to forget the cycle of life. beauty, serenity, pain, sorrow and happiness all coexist as i am sure you experienced during the past week and will experience as you move forward. keep on keeping on. ashe!!

  2. With the Sunsets and your parting words, nothing more was needed. Peace be Still.

  3. Shani will be missed alot. I can only think about how much she told me and the poem I wrote for her and read at her wake . Shani was an amazing person and yes time is meant to heal.
    I love and miss you Shani.

  4. Your very welcome. For we miss her so, as we look back and remind ourselves Shani was whom we all want to be and follow.

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