How to Do Nothing in Negril, Jamaica

I have a confession to make. I am a recovering travel guide carrying tourist. Yes, you can find them all around. The ones that become a bit cultish and never stray from their Lonely Planet, Rough Guide or Frommer’s. I used to be more discreet. I would carry my guide in my handbag and during times in cafe, I would pull it out and attempt to figure out what might come of my time in a new country. And, I never had a problem with just leaving the guide in my purse, how else was I going to have my own experience?  Change of plans for Negril!  I didn’t even have a guide with me and I learned how to do nothing for a few days.

My only goal in Negril was to relax. Initially, my goal was to go somewhere “cheap and quick”.  As I pulled up to my first hotel, Blue Cave Castle, my initial thoughts were that photographs can be very deceiving.   Then, I saw the view and everything made sense.  I took a moment, to thank my higher power, for waking me up in the morning and ensuring that I got here in one piece. My childhood friend had passed away the night before and now I was in Jamaica.

In a matter of 48 hours, snorkeling,  laying on the beach, and deciding where to eat seemed to take up so much time. My significant other, made a strong case for getting a scooter (well, it almost felt like, I was brainwashed into getting a scooter).  Relaxing, is the point of Negril, so we got a scooter and it was so much fun.

As I checked out of the Blue Cave Castle, I was a bit sad. The staff was warm , kind and everyone that we met was amazing. The last day of my vacation is the way that everyone should end vacation. We checked into Rockhouse Hotel and thought “people could get used to this and never want to leave”.  Rockhouse is a gorgeous, luxury boutique hotel. From the moment, you receive welcome drinks, you realize, you do not want to leave.  This time, the view from my room (a villa) made me realize that I came to Jamaica to relax and from this patio, that was entirely possible.

After a day of massages and swimming, the only moment of rushing, was to see the sunset. As I looked around, everyone’s eyes was on the sunset.  It is almost hard to turn away from its beauty. I think I might not be opposed to these vacations of nothing. Every once in a while, you need to just sit and just do nothing.  Thank you, Negril.


~ by travelling womanists on May 10, 2011.

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