Gay Men like Gay Guys.

“No way…I mean two women…I totally get it, but TWO MEN..No way! I mean God told us a man and a woman are natural.”

I was on the train reading through, Gracefully Insane which was proving to be a great book. I listened to these young teenage girls talk about gay people. It was interesting to hear people teenagers have this uncensored version of the “conservative” talk against gay people. The not making sense of it, the rationality of two women together because they have breasts and a vagina, and somehow because men only possessesd penises they could not be attracted to other men (but somehow only women are attracted to this, hmmm). I  listened, I was trying to read and then I could not read any more because the women sat right next to me and were a bit loud.

I was almost home and then I guess I could not take it anymore. The young girl, says that the thing about “gay men are that they really do so many things better than women do.” They can braid hair, cook, give you great advice, but their “nasty”.  Then she states, how she would have to be nice to” them” in their face and then talk about them horribly, without judgement, of course.  She finally got a bit upset, when she talked about attractive gay men and how she could not believe that they wanted to be with men, instead of women. I interjected, that “did she wish that he would marry her, instead?”   She looked, honestly puzzled, and resigned to a no, but she still thought that he was so cute to be “wasted on a man.”

We started to talk. We had a discussion, we both listened to each other and in a New York City subway, the day before the rapture, everyone was listening.  The “great gays” that she might have been talking about were hyper feminine and stereotypical straight woman’s accessory.

I left the train feeling happy that we shared a discussion, but when I left the train, even the Bible carriers agreed just treat your neighbors the way you want to be treated.  And, if the world was supposed to end on the 21st, it was a nice way to end my days of taking subways in New York City.


~ by travelling womanists on May 23, 2011.

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