kooler than a polar bear's...

This weekend was full of foolishness, fun, anger, tears, arguing, more fun, questions, harsh remarks, sarcasm and most of all LOVE.  A funny thing happens when my family gets together.  Somehow between all of this I recognized something that could not be said but must be written.  I LOVE MY SISTER.  A funny thing has happened in all of this.  I realize that while my biological sister is near and dear to my heart, I have a number of other sisters that mean so much to me.  However, this is not about them its about MY NZINGA!! My Beauty!!

Bandits N da NITE

It all started when I was talking to one of the guest at my sister’s graduation BBQ.  Its kind of funny because many people talk about how we look-alike or dont.  How we sounds alike or dont.  How we act alike or dont.  Who is more this or who is more that?  Who is older or who is younger?  Who is more mature or who is not?  But the funny thing is that we are who we are.  We compliment each other in only a way that a sister can and benefit from each others wisdom in more ways that we can possibly imagine.  What makes this all so clear was my reflection about this began after a simple statement.  I was introduced to one of my sisters many friends and he stated: “I like you!  Knowing Nzinga, I didnt realize there could be someone as fun as her.”  I looked at him with one of my patented faces and stated “Well thanks!! Everyone knows that she (Nzinga) is fun and I (ReFlectionary) am funny.”  All of a sudden it stuck.  He and his girlfriend erupted into laughter and so the weekend of celebrations began.


Who Da Stylist?

It was in this that I realized so many things that I loved about places that I have visited all of my life.  I realized how much fun I had getting upset, looking grouchy, begging my sister to do things that she was supposed to do days ago, firmly stating my opinion, ganging up with my sister against our other family members & friends and just being around her listening to the drama of life.  It was in this that I truly appreciated all the things that my sister taught me and introduced to me.  All the things that she opened my eyes to and all of the wisdom that she imparted on my in her SPECIAL WAY.

She has opened my eyes to life, to love, to adventure and to so much more than she can ever know.  I celebrate her in all that she does and admire her for all the she has become.  I celebrate my sister and let her and all of you know that I LOVE HER AND AM MORE PROUD OF HER THAN SHE KNOWS.  My only wish is that she admires herself as much as I do and values her spirit in the way that it should be.  From one travelling womanist to another:   Thank you Nzinga for being FUN and allowing me to be FUNNY!

Peace B. Still,


Fun + Funny = Happy


~ by travelling womanists on June 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “Sisters”

  1. Awww….Ain’t nothing like a sister, for real!!!

  2. This blog was great. I think it is amazing when sisters can also be best friends. You guys are beautiful!

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