How I Spent My Time in Vermont!

Hello Everyone,

I have been trying to post for the last hour. I was done with other pieces and just did not like them. I just wanted to share a bit more Vermont with you today. Since, I am not happy with the pieces that I can deliver to you. How about I share a few more photos of the fun!

Cabot is so pretty!


Harpoons Brewery. I thought that I wasn’t a fan of Harpoons, then I tried the Oyster stout. We have a winner and if I was really planning, I would have taken at least 2 growlers worth back home!




Where does Beer come from?


Cabot Creamery. Diary, makes everyone happy, right? Well, almost everyone. Did you know the difference between yellow and white cheese? Did you want to sample all the cheeses that come from Cabot? Well, why not go on an inexpensive tour ( two bucks!) and learn more about the Cabot Creamery.

I honk for cheese


Cheese is my friend, thank you Cabot Creamery!


Magic Hat. I thought I was in love with the No. 9 until I tried the Vinyl. I had to leave with a growlers worth of it. Vinyl, is so smooth and yummy, I can not believe that more people don’t think it.

Magic Hat usual eccentric style makes for great beer.


And yes, I did have the chance to go to Ben and Jerry’s! A sweet ending for a great few days.


I moo for ice cream!



~ by travelling womanists on June 14, 2011.

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  1. Honk! Honk!

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