To the Class of 2011! (Especially my two cousins)

Hello Everyone,

I keep on thinking about what I share with you, so that maybe you can have just a bit of inspiration in your day.

I am on the way to attend my cousin, T’s graduation. I started to remember when my other cousin, C asked me when I was living abroad, “I really want you to be here for this day”. I promised him, that I would make it no matter where in the world I was. I had missed enough milestones.  In a matter of three days, I have two graduations. I am so happy for T and C for making my time back home so pleasurable.  It was really nice to be part of college applications, parent teacher conference, prom, random discussions and now, graduation.

T and C,  I want you both to enjoy this major milestone in your life. You have no idea what my life has been because of the two. For one,  my pop music IQ has increased exponentially, I can actually say that I “understand” some of the struggles of your generations, but more importantly, I have learned how proud I am to have the both of you in my family. I am not scared leave you on campus. I am certain late night phone calls will come (and sometimes, they won’t) and I am really confident that the two of you are going to take time and  explore what college and life has to offer you. I really think you two are going to figure out what drives you and as usual, you will be teaching me something new.  I have no idea what the next four years hold for you. I can only hope that you take chances, remember to update me once in a while and enjoy where you are.

Two my graduates of 2011, thank you so much for bringing me home. I am going to miss you both so much.

Hey, I love my Cousin T!!!


C, Thanks for asking me to be part of this milestone!







~ by travelling womanists on June 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “To the Class of 2011! (Especially my two cousins)”

  1. That is sooo beautiful. I could NOT have done it without your love and support!

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