The Many Uses of Fort Tilden Beach

Somehow on a day where the only mission was to relax, some how we got stranded in the middle of Brooklyn with bikes! Then, during this past week my morale for actually posting this story was a bit low and finally on day 18 of my 31 day reset, I had to do one thing to spice up my love life.  I decided to take my partner out dinner on the beach (I think he enjoyed himself).  The beach that I want to share with you all is Fort Tilden. It isn’t just a former Army post or just a nude beach. It is a place where you can forgot about being in a sardine can called New York City with the millions of other people.  Here are just a couple few of my recent uses of Fort Tilden. Please let us know your newfound favorite beach. Where is it and why do you love it?

After two weeks of road trips, I wanted nothing more but to just relax. I guess I wanted east coast dirty beach water. Yeah, you can’t blame me for having grown up in New York City. I wanted beach. Not touristy, over crowded beach, but not so remote beach that I would have to ask a friend to see if her friend would allow me and a guest on the premises.  Within a few days of putting it out to the universe, a beach that would be a great bike ride and caters to those wanting to bare it all is within reach! Off to Fort Tilden.

Rest and Relaxation 

Fort Tilden, is a place where your regular tourist is not part of the scene. Actually, some might say actual New Yorkers are at this beach. Think of Fort Tilden as the less frequented side of the Rockaways. A former Army post turned cultural center that now has enough activities for nature enthusiasts is worth knowing. If you have a bike, get on and ride in this direction.

Somehow, we got to the beach closer to the end of the day. For those of you beach connoisseurs, while we were biking, people were just laying out, drinking and having a grand time. By the time I got to the sand, I wanted nothing more but a nap. And because there was no agenda, I slept for what felt like hours.  When I did finally wake up, it was brough to my discovery that we were on the Far Rockaway side of the beach. NO sweat, we rode back to Fort Tilden.  The Rockaways, were crowded, but generally when it gets hot people go to the beach. Fort Tilden was so mellow by the time we got there because people were starting to leave. Eventually we decided it was time to leave and we had to come back to this place, before the end of the summer. Within five miles of the beach, my partners pedals are not properly functioning. No problem! There was a Sears on the side of the road.

In between trips for tools, weird men wanting my info and tools just not working, we realized that there was no way for us to get home. After a few calls to family members that could assist we decided to go in and support the local economy…what better way than to support a local bar with an air conditioner and have a beer.


Date Night

Considering the way our day ended, I knew that we would have to go back to that beach at some point.  Fast Forward Day 18 of the Happy Black Women, 31 Day Reset was to spice up my love life. I click on a link start thinking about what my partner and I could do and I see dinner on a beach (cheesy, but if you have never done it, quite fun and if it is over 100 degrees even better!).

I got a zipcar, which has a great deal for $39, my partner got the food and wine and we went to the beach.  This time, just a few people that were brave enough for the night dips were in the water and we actually got to use our sky map app (go figure).  As we had our vegetarian dinners, listening to waves crashing and laying on our backs to see the sky, it felt nice to be this close to the water. Fort Tilden was not just the nude beach,  place to plan large events, or former army base. It became the first place where my partner and I indulged on a date night with dinner on the beach. and finally got to relax.




~ by travelling womanists on July 22, 2011.

One Response to “The Many Uses of Fort Tilden Beach”

  1. Glad to hear you + your love took time to relax at Fort Tilden! Sounds like it was a great day.

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